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Most portable reflectors

Most portable reflector

This portrait of my good friend and fellow photographer, Sjoerd Booij was taken while we were out shooting for my Midnight Rabbit series (flash) not too long ago. After shooting several scenes we fit in a quick portrait before calling it quits. For the Midnight Rabbit series I only use the available light so I didn’t have lighting with me so we looked for the strongest light around and found it in a storefront. Continue Reading →

15. March 2013 by joeproosen
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Cool people: Gregory Crewdson


I want to share with you some of the cool people out there that inspire me and mister Gregory Crewdson is certainly one of them.

His work portrays small town America with a very dramatic and cinematic atmosphere. There are usually one or two subjects in his work that seem disconnected from the world around them, this gives a disturbing and surreal feel to his work. When asked in an interview with Wendy Lotterman about his photo’s, Crewdson had the following to say: “I think of them all as self-portraits, but not in a literal way. At the very core of it the pictures are about these moments of being alone and somewhat disconnected in the world. The people in the pictures are searching for some kind of connection, usually through light. And I think that I’m doing that myself. I’m creating these moments to try to Continue Reading →

23. December 2012 by joeproosen
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Before and after Photoshop Paris

Before and After Photoshop Paris

I thought that it would be nice to share some of my before and after Photoshop photo’s. For me the post editing process is as big a part of my work as the photography itself. My workflow consists of Lightroom for smoothing out the high and low contrasts and setting the basic color tone. After the Lightroom edit I use Photoshop for all the detail retouching like skin, hair, dust, scratches and enhancing color and mood.

This photo, which I called “Paris” because it reminds me of the city, was taken using a Nikon D700 + Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 lens. The lighting was done with a single softbox containing a Nikon sb900 speedlight @1/2 power  just left of the camera at the same level as the model. I believe that I did feather it a bit. The mirrors behind the model helped move the light around the scene. Continue Reading →

15. December 2012 by joeproosen
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Fashion photo shoot for Astrid Elisee

Fashion Photo Shoot for Astrid Elisee mirror by Joep Roosen

This was one of my favorite fashion photo shoots of the past year. We worked with a small team and had clear vision of what we wanted to achieve with the photo’s. Astrid Elisee is a Dutch fashion label using primarily silk to create a collection of key essentials that are timeless, easy to wear, everyday and effortlessly chic.

Astrid had a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve with her new campaign to promote the jumpsuit in the collection. The idea was to follow a modern day woman throughout the day and place her in everyday situations.

We rented the suite at The College Hotel in Amsterdam and were allowed to use most of the public area’s throughout the day. This gave us all the options we needed for the shoot. Around 9 o’clock in the morgen we started and finished around 7 in the evening so we were able to capture the different moments we needed with the correct natural light coming into the rooms. During the shoot I was also able to take some photo’s for my own portfolio which was a nice addition to an already good day.

The model Florencia Mulder who was Miss Nederland in 2006 did a fantastic job. She was able to pull off all the different looks with ease, it was really nice to work with her. Carla Rep was in charge make-up and hair, she was also a very good help during the shoot helping to spot things that would make the end result better. Continue Reading →

10. December 2012 by joeproosen
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